Engineer, lawyer,  delicatessen seller, fishmonger…this is what you are either for choice or destiny….but I was born as a Little Soubrette, The Soubrettina!

It does not take much to be a Little Soubrette: all you need is blond hair and a cute foreign accent which makes you “cchiu’ Soubrette”.

Well, I am blond but I am only as tall as a thigh + a Soubrette…therefore I am only a Little One, I am a Soubrettina!

As for the accent… I prefer Neapolitan dialect than Italian, and this makes me sound like a perfect, sexy foreigner.

Being a Soubrette is an inner feeling: a bit like Heather Parisi who, as a little child, used to run after cicadas, or like Raffaella Carra who, when she had the nappy changed, sounded like a “Tuca Tuca”.

Well, when I was 2 years old I was already dancing on the kitchen table, pretending I was on stage. After 20 years nothing has changed…apart from the kitchen, of course…

For those of you who might be interested in my real height, you’ll be surprised to know that I am only 1.50 m and a half… and I do need the half centimetre indeed, as it makes me feel so much sexier…

OK, it is true…I am 20 cm short to be a real Soubrette…but I am perfect as a little one…

And so, here I am …
“The Soubrettina!”


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